Commercial MTP-SCORE Program

SCORE Market Transformation Program: A program that promotes energy efficiency upgrades at K-12 public schools, private schools, higher education, places of worship, and non-profits through incentives and technical assistance. The SCORE program is designed to help energy efficiency opportunities in existing and newly planned facilities and provide monetary incentives to implement these projects.
The program is funded by CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric and is offered at no cost to participants. Technical assistance includes energy performance benchmarking, energy master planning workshops, and vendor-neutral equipment recommendations. SCORE is a voluntary program that offers objective, third-party consulting on best practices in the areas of energy usage and energy efficiency.

Sponsor Participation Process Incentives
The incentives provided in SCORE are identical to the Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer Program, and are eligible for renovation, new construction and maintenance projects resulting in reduced energy consumption:

Measure $/kW $/kWH
LEDs Full Fixture Replacement $180 $0.05
Lighting - Other $110 $0.03
HVAC - DX $275 $0.09
HVAC - Chiller $325 $0.9
Motor $180 $0.07
VFD $200 $0.06
Window Film / Replacement $180 $0.06
Roofing $150 $0.06
Food Service $220 $0.06
Photovoltaics $400 $0.08
Other/Custom $200 $0.07
Additional Program Information
SCORE Lite Executive Summary
SCORE Executive Summary